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Beginning in 1937 with the early Aviator style, the introduction of other classics such as the Wayfarer in 1952 and continuing today, Ray-Ban is a brand that embodies America and adventure, great cities and wide-open spaces, heroism, individuality and authenticity. Introduced to the silver screen in 1961, and appearing throughout hundreds of films since then, Ray-Ban sunglasses have been a favorite on the Hollywood scene for years, both on and off the screen. With their timeless and imaginative styles, Ray-Ban has consistently blended high-tech design, lenses and materials. The collection remains true to its classic heritage while continuously evolving to meet today's fashion demands. Our eyes are one of the five senses which help us perceive things. They are considered a vent to our emotions as well. Hence protecting them is important as they are exposed to harmful UV rays as soon as you step out in the sun. This can be done by putting on sunglasses which keep such rays at bay and keep your eyes unaffected. A pair of quality Sunglasses can do the trick for you and there are many brands which you can choose from

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